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Pretty Good Privacy Component

Create and translate encrypted messages

Component key: pgp


Pretty Good Privacy is an encryption program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication. This component allows you to encrypt and decrypt strings in an integration.

You can elect to encrypt or decrypt strings using either a password or a public/private key pair. RSA key pairs of any key size are compatible with these actions.


Decrypt Message

Decrypt a string message with a password or PGP private key and passphrase | key: decryptString

Output Example Payload

"data": {
"data": "Hello, World!",
"filename": null,
"signatures": []

Encrypt Message

Encrypt a string message with a password or PGP public key | key: encryptString

Output Example Payload

"data": "-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----\n\nwy4ECQMI00WQkb8Me2XgxDrxbl9uNeh9qaaOnC4KXadQJXDOXNeh2YRED44i\nR8D30j4ByckgLL71R5h6jRVc7cZuLefo9/Kbaq2wBW4PprLiYmGJrik9dl1i\naoOZtaqXbJxfgUjTpxtxSSAOFf+zoA==\n=vFBz\n-----END PGP MESSAGE-----\n"