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DocuSign Component

Use the DocuSign component to manage signature collection and document distribution.

Component key: docusign


DocuSign provides intuitive solutions for sending and collecting signatures on documents. Use the DocuSign component to manage signature collection and document distribution.

Use the DocuSign component to send, sign, track, and manage the signature process.

API Documentation: DocuSign API Reference


OAuth 2.0

Docusign requires a Developer Account to create applications for integrations. Create an acccount at for more information.

To Create an App for Docusign for your Developer Account:

  1. Login to your DocuSign Developer Account
  2. Click on your profile icon in the top right hand corner and select My Apps & Keys
  3. Select Add App and Integration Key to create a new application
  4. Note your Integration Key and under the Secret Keys section select Add Secret Key and copy your generated secret key
  5. In Additional settings under Redirect URI’s enter as the value
  6. Save the App and enter the Integration Key and Secret Key values into the designated fields of your integration’s connection configuration.

The DocuSign Oauth connection requires you to add an Authorization Header with a combination of your integration and secret keys concatenated by a colon character, converted into base64, and prefixed with the word Basic.\ If your integration key is 7c2b8d7e-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-cda8a50dd73f and the secret key is d7014634-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-6842b7aa8861,

You may use the following Base64 Encoder. In the first box enter in the format of <integration key>:<secret key> 'example: 7c2b8d7e-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-cda8a50dd73f:d7014634-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-6842b7aa8861' and select the ENCODE button. The encoded results will appear below 'example: NWMyYjhkN2.....hODg2MQ==' Enter the Authorization Header value in your connection configuration as Basic <encoded results> example: Basic NWMyYjhkN2.....hODg2MQ==

You may also get the base64 value in a JavaScript console with the following method call:


This method call results in a new authorization header value: NWMyYjhkN2.....hODg2MQ==.\ The final header value will be Basic NWMyYjhkN2.....hODg2MQ==.


Account Level Trigger

Get notified when an event occurs at the account. | key: accountTrigger

Data Sources

Select Folder

Select a Folder. | key: folders | type: picklist

Select Template

Select a Template. | key: templates | type: picklist


Create Account

Creates a new DocuSign account. | key: createAccount

Create Account Signature

Adds or updates one or more account stamps. | key: createAccountSignature

Create Bulk Send List

This method creates a bulk send list that you can use to send an envelope to up to 1,000 recipients at once. | key: createBulkSendList

Create Contact

This method adds multiple contacts into a contacts list. | key: createContact

Create Envelope

Creates and sends an envelope or creates a draft envelope. | key: createEnvelope

Create Template

Creates one or more template definitions, using a multipart request for each template. | key: createTemplate

Create Webhook

Create a new webhook (Account Level). | key: createWebhook

Delete Account

Closes the specified account. | key: deleteAccount

Delete Account Signature

Deletes a stamp specified by signatureId. | key: deleteAccountSignature

Delete All Instanced Webhooks

Delete all webhooks that point to a flow in this instance. | key: deleteAllInstancedWebhooks

Delete Bulk Send List

This method deletes a bulk send list. | key: deleteBulkSendList

Delete Contact

This method deletes a contact associated with an account. | key: deleteContact

Delete Envelope Document

Deletes one or more documents from an existing envelope that has not yet been completed. | key: deleteEnvelopeDocument

Delete Template Document

This method deletes one or more documents from an existing template. | key: deleteTemplateDocument

Delete User

Closes one or more users in the account, preventing them from accessing account features. | key: deleteUser

Delete Webhook

Delete a single webhook. | key: deleteWebhook

Get Account

Retrieves the account information for the specified account. | key: getAccount

Get Account Signature

Returns information about the specified stamp. | key: getAccountSignature

Get Account Signature Image

Returns the image for an account stamp. | key: getAccountSignatureImage

Get Bulk Send Batches

Returns a summary of bulk send batches. | key: getBulkSendBatches

Get Bulk Send List

This method returns all of the details associated with a specific bulk send list that belongs to the current user. | key: getBulkSendList

Get Bulk Send Lists

This method returns a list of bulk send lists belonging to the current user, as well as basic information about each list. | key: getBulkSendLists

Get Bulk Send Status

Gets the general status of a specific bulk send batch. | key: getBulkSendBatchStatus

Get Contact

This method returns one or more contacts associated with a DocuSign account. | key: getContact

Get Envelope

Retrieves the overall status for the specified envelope. | key: getEnvelope

Get Envelope Document

Retrieves a single document or all documents from an envelope. | key: getEnvelopeDocument

Get Recipient Signature

Retrieves signature information for a signer or sign-in-person recipient. | key: getRecipientSignature

Get Recipient Signature Image

Retrieves the specified user signature image. | key: getRecipientSignatureImage

Get Template

Retrieves the definition of the specified template. | key: getTemplate

Get Template Document

This method retrieves one or more PDF documents from the template that you specify. | key: getTemplateDocument

Get User

Retrieves the user information for the specified user. | key: getUser

Get Webhook

Retrieve a single webhook. | key: getWebhook

List Account Settings

Retrieves the account settings information for the specified account. | key: listAccountSettings

List Envelope Documents

Retrieves a list of documents associated with the specified envelope. | key: listEnvelopeDocuments

List Folder Items

Gets information about items in the specified folder. | key: listFolderItems

List Folders

Returns a list of the account's folders. | key: listFolders

List Template Documents

Retrieves a list of documents associated with the specified template. | key: listTemplateDocuments

List Templates

Retrieves the list of templates for the specified account. | key: listTemplates

List Webhooks

Retrieve all webhooks. | key: listWebhooks

Raw Request

Send raw HTTP request to DocuSign. | key: rawRequest

Update Account Signature

Updates an account stamp specified by the signatureId query parameter. | key: updateAccountSignature

Update Account Signature Image

Sets a signature image, initials, or stamp. | key: updateAccountSignatureImage

Update Bulk Send List

This method replaces the definition of an existing bulk send list. | key: updateBulkSendList

Update Contact

This method updates one or more contacts associated with an account. | key: updateContact

Update Envelope

This method enables you to make changes to an envelope. | key: updateEnvelope

Update Envelope Document

Adds or replaces a document in an existing draft or in-process envelope. | key: updateEnvelopeDocument

Update Template

Updates an existing template. | key: updateTemplate

Update Template Document

This methods updates an existing template document. | key: updateTemplateDocument

Update User

To update user information for a specific user, submit a Users object with updated field values in the request body of this operation. | key: updateUser

Update Webhook

Update an existing webhook. | key: updateWebhook