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Code Component

Author and run your own code

Component key: code


The code component allows you to write your own short snippets of JavaScript code, and is handy for writing quick functions or data transformations that are specific to your product or industry. Please see the full article on the code component for information on when a code component is appropriate, and common use cases for a code component.

Code component steps should be succinct and integration-specific. If the code you write could be reused in other integrations, if it needs to handle credentials, or if the code is complex enough that it would benefit from unit tests, etc., you should write a custom component instead.

For some examples of code component usage, check out these quickstart guides:



API Key Secret

OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code

Basic Username/Password

OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials

Private Key


Code Block Trigger

Author and run your own code as a trigger | key: runCodeTrigger

Output Example Payload

"payload": null

Data Sources

Code Block JSON Form

Author and run your own code as a JSON Form data source | key: runCodeJsonForm | type: jsonForm

Code Block Object Selection

Author and run your own code as a object selection data source | key: runCodeObjectSelection | type: objectSelection

Code Block Picklist

Author and run your own code as a picklist data source | key: runCodePicklist | type: picklist

Code Block String

Author and run your own code as a string data source | key: runCodeString | type: string


Code Block

Author and run your own code | key: runCode

Output Example Payload

"data": null