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Mailchimp Component

Interact with email campaign lists and e-commerce resources.

Component key: mailchimp


Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service. The Mailchimp component allows you to interact with your mailchimp email campaigns and your e-commerce site.

You can configure a Mailchimp webhook to send information to a Prismatic webhook URL under certain conditions ("Profile Updates", "Subscribes", "Campaign Sending", etc.).

For more information on configuring webhooks refer to the Mailchimp Docs


Mailchimp API Key

This component can be configured to use an API Key to authenticate the request. An API key can be obtained by following Mailchimp's quickstart guide

Mailchimp OAuth 2.0 Connection


Add Customer

Add a new customer to a store | key: addCustomer

Add List

Create a new list in your Mailchimp account | key: addList

Add Member

Add a new member to a list | key: addMember

Archive Member

Archive a list member | key: archiveMember

Delete Cart

Delete a specific cart | key: deleteCart

Delete Cart Line Items

Get information about a cart's line items. | key: deleteCartLineItem

Delete Customer

Delete a customer from a store | key: deleteCustomer

Delete List

Delete a list from your Mailchimp account | key: deleteList

Delete Member

Delete all personally identifiable information related to a list member, and remove them from a list. This will make it impossible to re-import the list member | key: deleteMember

Delete Order

Delete an order | key: deleteOrder

Delete Order Line Item

Delete an order Line Item | key: deleteOrderLineItem

Delete Product

Delete a product from a store | key: deleteProduct

Get Cart

Get information about a specific cart | key: getCart

Get Cart Line Item

Get information about a cart's specific line item | key: getCartLineItem

Get Customer

Get information about a store's specific customer | key: getCustomerInfo

Get List

Get information about a specific list in your Mailchimp account. Results include list members who have signed up but haven't confirmed their subscription yet and unsubscribed or cleaned. | key: getList

Get Lists Info

Get information about all lists in the account | key: getListsInfo

Get Member

Get information about a specific list member, including a currently subscribed, unsubscribed, or bounced member | key: getMember

Get Order

Get information about a specific order | key: getOrderInfo

Get Order Line Item

Get an order Line Item | key: getOrderLineItem

Get Product

Get information about a specific product | key: getProductInfo

Get Store

Get information about a specific store | key: getStore

List Account Orders

Get information about an account's orders | key: listAccountOrders

List Campaigns

Get all campaigns in an account | key: listCampaigns

List Cart Line Items

Get information about a cart's line items. | key: listCartLineItem

List Carts

Get information about a store's carts | key: listCarts

List Customers

Get information about a store's customers | key: listCustomers

List Members

Get information about members in a specific Mailchimp list | key: listMembers

Output Example Payload

"data": {}

List Order Line Items

List Order Line items | key: listOrderLineItems

List Orders

List all the orders in a store | key: listOrders

List Products

List all products from a store | key: listProducts

List Stores

Get information about all stores in the account | key: listStores


Send a ping to determine the status of the Mailchimp servers | key: ping

Raw Request

Send raw HTTP request to Mailchimp | key: rawRequest

Send Campaign

Send a Mailchimp campaign. For RSS Campaigns, the campaign will send according to its schedule. All other campaigns will send immediately. | key: sendCampaign

Update Customer

Update a specific customer's information | key: updateCustomer

Update List

Update the information or metadata of a list | key: updateList

Update Member

Update a specific member in a given list | key: updateMember