Purpose-Built Infrastructure

Spend time on your core product, not building integration infrastrucure.

Cloud-native infrastructure

By their very nature, integrations often require infrastructure outside your core product. Standing up and maintaining that infrastructure is time-consuming.

With Prismatic, your integrations run in our cloud-native environment, created with scalability, security, and stability in mind – one less thing to worry about.

Illustration representing cloud infrastructure for your integration environment with Prismatic.

Truly scalable

Built using modern technologies and architecture, integrations on our embedded iPaaS scale horizontally. Whether your integrations run once per day or once per second, whether they entail just a few milliseconds or multiple seconds of processing, you'll never have scaling issues.


Integrations typically require access outside your organization and your customers' organizations. And security concerns only increase as you connect to more things in more ways. Since we designed our embedded integration platform to address this reality, security is at the forefront.

Maintenance included

Production-level platforms require a significant amount of monitoring and maintenance: things like upgrades, security patches, and backups. We handle all these for our embedded iPaaS – letting you focus on your core applications.