Code-Native Integrations

Use our code-native integrations SDK to enjoy maximum versatility when building your product's SaaS integrations.

Code-native integrations

In addition to our low-code integration designer, which is ideal for technical non-devs to create integrations from existing connectors and other components, Prismatic provides a code-native integration building experience.

Code-native enables your devs to write integrations without restriction. They can define the logic they want with tools that fit your team’s existing workflow, all while taking advantage of the time savings by referencing existing components.

Screenshot of code-native integration based on Prismatic platform.

Build with your favorite IDE

It doesn't matter which IDE you've chosen, Prismatic's code-native integration SDK lets you go with what you know. And you'll have the tight tie-in you're accustomed to with your IDE and your dev processes and code repositories.

Leverage the platform

Once you’ve built a code-native integration, you can deploy it to customers, embed it in your app, and run it in production using all the same Prismatic functionality you currently use for your low-code integrations.

Ultimate flexibility

Sometimes, low-code makes sense. But there may also be times when you want to build integrations without being constrained by the logic and rules in the low-code designer. That's when code-native integrations save the day.