Build any integration your customers need, fast. Explore our built-in connectors and powerful custom connector SDK.

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We're constantly adding new connectors! Tell us about the connector you're looking for and the integration you want to build with it.

Extend Prismatic's connector library using our powerful custom connector SDK

1. Your devs build custom connectors

Your devs can build connectors fast using our custom connector SDK. Unlike many solutions, you use the same SDK we use internally, so you know it's powerful and dev-friendly. Check out the docs.

2. Your team uses them to build integrations

Custom connectors behave just like built-in ones. They're reusable, and anyone on your team can drop them into integrations in the low-code integration builder, no dev involvement needed.

3. You gain a competitive advantage

The connectors you build extend the platform to fit your industry. They're private to your org, giving you the advantage of an industry-tailored connector library your competitors don't have access to.

SaaS teams love our extensible approach

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