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The integration platform for B2B software companies.

Build integrations fast and deliver a native integration marketplace experience to your customers. Built in a way devs love.
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Integrations are harder than they should be

Providing integrations to the other apps your customers use is hard. It distracts from core product work, slows sales and onboarding, and wastes time across many teams. We're doing something about it.
Prismatic is the embedded iPaaS (integration platform) built from the ground up for B2B software companies. Take a look.
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Empower every role with exactly what they need

A low-code designer that actually works. A sleek in-app integration marketplace. And powerful dev tools to make it fit your product, industry, and the way you build software.
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Customers and Customer-Facing Teams

Deploy and manage integrations easily

Empower your customers to self-activate integrations and configure them with a few clicks. The embedded integration marketplace looks and feels like part of your product.

It's just as easy for customer-facing teams to configure and deploy integrations for customers using Prismatic's simple management environment.

Either way, the configuration experience is simple and straightforward - no dev involvement required.

Customers and Customer-Facing Teams

Provide proactive integration support

No one likes being caught off guard by integration issues.

Keep tabs on customers' integrations and detect issues early with robust monitoring and alerting tools. Easily troubleshoot with built-in logging and full visibility into each customer's setup.

Enable customer self-service by providing these same tools as part of your embedded integration experience.

Integration Builders

Build integrations faster

Quickly build integrations by assembling components in a low-code designer that actually works for your product and industry.

Handle even the most complex or vertical-specific integrations by dropping in custom components created by your dev team or incorporating your own code.

Build your integrations in a reusable way so they can behave differently from customer to customer. Define a tailored configuration UX for your customers and customer-facing teams.


Built in a way developers love

Prismatic reduces the integration workload on Dev and DevOps. And gives you the power to mold the platform to your product, industry, and the way you build software.

Fit your product and industry

Empower non-dev integration builders to build any integration, no matter how bespoke or vertical-specific. Prismatic's non-prescriptive SDK makes it easy for devs to write reusable custom components that handle product-specific logic or connect to niche third-party systems. Integration builders can drop them into any integration, while you stay focused on core product work. Learn more.

Fit the way you build software

Incorporate Prismatic into your source control system, CI/CD pipeline, and your other existing tools and processes. Prismatic's robust CLI and fully exposed API allow you to mold the system to the way you do things. Learn more.

Skip the infrastructure hassle

Run your integrations in Prismatic's purpose-built environment. It's scalable and secure, and maintenance is done for you. One less thing to worry about.

A complete embedded iPaaS solution for B2B software teams


Intuitive Integration Designer

Build integrations fast using pre-built components and an intuitive low-code designer. Custom components ensure complete flexibility to build anything you need.


Embedded Integration Marketplace

Deliver an integration experience your customers will love. Embed a seamless white-labeled UX for exploring, activating, and monitoring integrations.


Integration Deployment & Support

Easily handle customer-specific configuration and deployment - without dev involvement. Provide proactive support with built-in logging and alerting.


Purpose-Built Infrastructure

Skip the infrastructure hassle. Your integrations run in Prismatic's purpose-built environment, designed for security, scalability, and performance.

With Prismatic, we’re able to deliver integrations in far less time while streamlining our engineering effort. Prismatic has given us the ability to more widely build integrations across our teams. It has also allowed our customer-facing teams to handle customer-specific deployment.
Chris Rallis
Engineering Manager at Raven Industries

Built by B2B software people

Prismatic was born out of its founders' experience scaling a B2B software company whose product had hundreds of integrations. They experienced firsthand how hard integrations can be - and what an impact they can make when done right.

Our team has worked in B2B software companies serving industries like healthcare, public sector, agriculture, and fintech. Prismatic passionately believes that software in every industry has huge potential to positively impact the people who use it. And that better, easier integrations can help software teams realize even more of that potential.