The integration platform for B2B software companies.

Build integrations fast and deliver a native integration marketplace experience to your customers. Built in a way devs love.

The integration platform for B2B software companies.
Prismatic Is A High Performer
Prismatic Is A High Performer

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Embedded Integration Platforms

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Faster integration delivery means faster everything.

Faster integration delivery means faster everything.

Providing integrations to your customers takes a ton of engineering time, derails your product roadmap, and slows your sales & onboarding. And it only gets harder at scale.

Prismatic is the embedded iPaaS that empowers B2B software companies to deliver integrations faster.

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Intuitive Integration Designer

Build productized integrations, fast

Empower devs and non-devs alike to quickly build reusable, configurable integration workflows.

Prismatic's low-code designer was built for the real world, giving you the flexibility to build any integration your customers need — no matter how complex.

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Screen shot of API connectors to common B2B SaaS apps in an embedded iPaaS.

Built-In Components & Custom Component SDK

Connect to anything (really, anything)

Save time with Prismatic's library of built-in API connectors. Auth is completely handled.

When you need to connect to an app that's specific to your industry, use our powerful SDK to code a custom component that does exactly what you need.

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Screen shot of an embedded integration marketplace displaying native SaaS integrations.

Embedded Integration Marketplace

Create a native in-app integration experience

Embed an integration marketplace in your product with just a few lines of code. White-labeling, theming, and SSO make it feel seamless.

Customers can explore your offerings, activate integrations using a sleek config wizard, and access self-serve support tools.

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Integration Deployment & Support

Easily manage customer-specific setup and support

Reduce engineering effort by giving customer-facing teams the tools to easily manage your customers' integrations — configuration, deployment, even version updates.

Shift your integration support from reactive to proactive with built-in logging, monitoring, alerting, automatic & manual retry, and more.

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Screen shot of logging in an embedded integration platform for B2B SaaS.

Purpose-built Infrastructure

Skip the infrastructure hassle

Don't waste time standing up and maintaining integration infrastructure.

Run your integrations in Prismatic's purpose-built environment. We handle scalability, security, and compliance, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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Built in a way developers love

Give your devs the power and flexibility to get the job done using tools they know and love.

Flexibility to build any integration

When you need to connect to industry-specific apps or handle unique logic, use Prismatic's SDK to write custom components that extend the low-code environment to fit your product & industry. Learn more.

Fit your existing dev ecosystem

Incorporate Prismatic into your existing tools like source control, CI/CD pipeline, and logging platforms. Leverage Prismatic's API & CLI to automate integration management. Learn more.

Built by B2B software people

Prismatic was born out of our founders’ experience scaling a B2B software company whose product had hundreds of integrations. We built Prismatic for one reason: to give B2B software teams an easier way to provide integrations to their customers.

Our team has worked in SaaS industries like healthcare, agriculture, and fintech. We know how complex integrations can get in the real world, and we built Prismatic to help you handle any integration that comes your way.

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