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We believe B2B software companies need a better way to provide integrations to their customers' other apps. We've been there.

About Us

Prismatic is the integration platform for B2B software companies. It's the quickest way to build integrations to the other apps your customers use and to add a native integration marketplace to your product.

A complete embedded iPaaS solution that empowers your whole organization, Prismatic encompasses an intuitive integration designer, embedded integration marketplace, integration deployment and support, and a purpose-built cloud infrastructure. Prismatic was built in a way developers love and provides the tools to make it perfectly fit the way you build software.

Illustration of a B2B software company using embedded iPaaS to build integrations for their customers.
Prismatic founders: Beth Harwood, VP of Marketing and Developer Relations; Justin Hipple, CTO; Michael Zuercher, CEO.
Prismatic founders: Beth Harwood, VP of Marketing and Developer Relations; Justin Hipple, CTO; Michael Zuercher, CEO.

Our Story

Prismatic's founders previously spent fifteen years building a B2B software company whose product had hundreds of integrations. While growing it from a startup into an industry disruptor and national leader, they lived the challenges of integrations from all sides – as founders, developers, engineering managers, product leaders, customer escalation points, sales leaders, and executives.

Their software and its integrations did things like get emergency responders to 911 calls faster, and they saw first-hand what a significant impact integrations done right can make for end users and the people end users serve.

Our team has worked in B2B software companies serving industries like healthcare, public sector, agriculture, fintech, and edtech. Prismatic passionately believes that software in every industry has huge potential to positively impact the people who use it. And that better, easier integrations can help software teams realize even more of that potential.

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