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Prismatic Docs

Prismatic gives you the tools you need to get the job done, and the flexibility to tackle any problem your industry throws at you.

Get Building

Walk through building a simple integration using Prismatic's low-code designer.

Explore Components

Check out the built-in components that Prismatic provides, including connectors to common SaaS apps.

Write Your Own

Build a component using our Typescript SDK that handles complex logic or connects to apps your customers use.

Extend the Platform

Use Prismatic's GraphQL-based API or CLI tool to sync customers, monitor and deploy instances, and more using your favorite language.

Monitor Your Integrations

Review integration logs and send alerts if problems arise. Or, stream logs and alert events to a third-party service you already use.

Embed Marketplace

Add an integration marketplace to your app with just a few lines of JavaScript, so your customers can enable integrations for themselves.

Explore these quickstarts to do more with Prismatic

Custom Components

Writing Your First Custom Component

Write a simple Slack component from scratch to illustrate how readily you can write custom code for an integration.
Config Vars

Configuration-Driven Integration

Learn how to leverage config variables to drive the logic in your integration
Custom Components

Building Advanced Components

Examine how the S3 component handles binary data inputs and outputs, manages credentials, and uses DRY (don't repeat yourself) coding principles.
Code Component
Binary Data

Generating PDFs with a Code Component

Learn how to generate a PDF within a code component.
Code Component

Transforming Data with a Code Component

See how to transform data using a code component.

Looping Over Files

Pull down a list of files and execute a series of steps on each one.
Custom Components
Unit Testing

Testing Custom Components With Jest

Use the Jest JavaScript testing framework to ensure that your custom components works properly.

Building an Integration with Multiple Flows

Create an integration with multiple flows, including a flow that executes at deploy time.
Prismatic API

Syncing Customers to Prismatic

Learn to sync customers from an external system to Prismatic using our GraphQL API.

Shared Webhooks and Preprocess Flows

Learn how to use a shared webhook URL for multiple customers, and route webhook invocations to specific customers and flows.
Custom Components

Writing a Trigger

Learn how to write a trigger for a custom component by examining how our Salesforce trigger handles webhook requests.
Custom Components

Wrapping an API in a Component

Learn how to write a custom component that wraps an HTTP-base third-party API

Looping Over a Paginated API

Learn to loop over an API that returns one "page" of results at a time.
Custom Components

Custom Webhook Triggers and HMAC

Learn how to build a custom webhook trigger with HMAC validation.