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Prismatic Docs

We've got you covered with everything you need to build and manage your integrations using Prismatic.

Docs Overview

Get a quick overview of Prismatic docs and browse FAQs.

Get Started

Learn how to build and deploy your first integration within minutes.


Full reference for working with integrations, instances, custom components, logging, and more.

Component Catalog

Browse docs for the built-in components you can compose to create integrations.

Prismatic API

Use the Prismatic API Explorer or browse full API reference docs.

Prismatic CLI

Install Prismatic's CLI tool and start managing integrations from your terminal.

Explore these quickstarts to do more with Prismatic

Writing Your First Custom Component

Write a simple Slack component from scratch to illustrate how readily you can write custom code for an integration.

Configuration-Driven Integration

Create and deploy a configuration-driven integration that syncs images from a RESTful interface to S3.

Writing an Integration in YAML

Script an entire integration in YAML that accepts a JSON payload as part of its invocation webhook, and uses that payload as input for subsequent steps.

Building Advanced Components

Examine how the S3 component handles binary data inputs and outputs, manages credentials, and uses DRY (don't repeat yourself) coding principles.

Generating PDFs with a Code Component

Learn how to generate a PDF within a code component.

Transforming Data with a Code Component

See how to transform data using a code component.

Looping Over Files

Pull down a list of files and execute a series of steps on each one.

Testing Custom Components With Jest

Use the Jest JavaScript testing framework to ensure that your custom components works properly.

Building an Integration with Multiple Flows

Create an integration with multiple flows, including a flow that executes at deploy time.

Syncing Customers to Prismatic

Learn to sync customers from an external system to Prismatic using our GraphQL API.

Shared Webhooks and Preprocess Flows

Learn how to use a shared webhook URL for multiple customers, and route webhook invocations to specific customers and flows.

Writing a Trigger

Learn how to write a trigger for a custom component by examining how our Salesforce trigger handles webhook requests.

Wrapping an API in a Component

Learn how to write a custom component that wraps an HTTP-base third-party API