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Google Calendar Component

Manage calendars and events in Google Calendar

Component key: google-calendar


Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google. This component allows you to create, read, update and delete events and calendars connected to your Google account.


Google Calendar OAuth 2.0

The Google Calendar component authenticates requests through Google's OAuth service. To create a Google Calendar developer account and authenticate using Google OAuth, follow the directions here Now, you will have to configure OAuth 2.0 settings in Prismatic. Create a new Google Calendar connection of type OAuth 2.0.

  • For Client ID and Client Secret enter the values that you got from the Google Cloud Platform auth settings.
  • For Scopes choose from the list found on the Google docs

Data Sources


Get a list of available calendars | key: calendars | type: picklist

Data Source Payload

"result": [
"label": "123-456-7890",
"key": "1234567890"


Create Calendar

Create a new calendar | key: createCalendar

Create Event

Create a new event in a given calendar | key: createEvent

Delete Calendar

Delete an existing calendar by Id | key: deleteCalendar

Delete Event

Delete an event by an Id | key: deleteEvent

Get Calendar

Get the information and metadata of a calendar by Id | key: getCalendar

Get Event

Get the information and metadata of an event by Id | key: getEvent

List Calendars

List all calendars | key: listCalendar

List Events

List all events in a given calendar | key: listEvents

Raw Request

Send raw HTTP request to Google Calendar | key: rawRequest

Update Event

Update the information and metadata of an existing event | key: updateEvent