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Fluent Commerce Component

Manage orders within Fluent Commerce

Component key: fluent-commerce


Fluent Commerce is an order management system that allows you to track customers, orders and inventory.

Fluent Commerce offers a GraphQL-based API. This gives you flexibility and control over what data you send to Fluent, and what data you request back.

While this component offers some actions that wrap common GraphQL queries and mutations, there are many more queries and mutations for which there aren't dedicated actions. If you'd like to run a query or mutation that is not represented by an action, please use the Generic Request action.


Fluent Commerce OAuth 2.0 Password Grant

Fluent uses OAuth 2.0 password grant type for authentication. To authenticate with Fluent, you will need a Client ID and Client Secret from Fluent, and your end users will need to enter their username and password.


Create Customer

Create a new customer | key: createCustomer

Create Product

Create a new standard product | key: createProduct

Output Example Payload

"data": {
"createStandardProduct": {
"id": "03440122-ea39-499b-83aa-f08b2614daf3",
"ref": "TESTPRD3"

Generic GraphQL Request

Issue any GraphQL query or mutation with variables | key: genericRequest

Get Current User

Get information about the currently authenticated user | key: getCurrentUser

Get Customer by Email

Find a customer by their email address | key: getCustomerByEmailAddress