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Manage customers on the platform

Component key: customer-io

Description is an automated messaging platform for marketing departments. This component allows you to create, delete and track customers on the platform through the Track API.



An API key and SiteID are both required to interact with The API Key serves as the API Key, and the Site ID serves as the API Secret. Read more about authentication in the docs.



Delete a customer by unique ID | key: destroy


Create or update a customer | key: identify

When creating a customer it is important to keep in mind the required fields, as well as their correct datatypes that will expect you to provide. When updating a customer you must provide the id of the customer, as well as any additional fields you would like to update the customer with. id: String or Number(required) data: The key for this input must be a string. The value can be a string, number, array, boolean, or an object.

Raw Request - Track API

Send raw HTTP request to | key: rawRequest


Track customer events | key: track

Track Page View

Track customer history | key: trackPageView

Output Example Payload

"data": {}