Embedded Integration Marketplace

Let your customers explore, self-activate, and monitor their integrations – all from directly within your app.

Provide native integrations

Your customers deserve a self-activated, in-app integration UX that fits with the rest of your product.

Now, with our embedded iPaaS, you can provide exactly that in a fraction of the time it would take to build the marketplace and infrastructure yourself.

An embedded integration marketplace in a B2B SaaS application.

SaaS integration marketplace

Increase integration adoption and product stickiness. Showcase your embedded integrations via an embedded integration marketplace that presents them as first-class features of your product.

Choose which integrations to include, group them into categories, and specify icons, descriptions, and more.

Guided self-activation

Users can self-activate integrations with just a few clicks as they connect their third-party apps and enter config options.

Prismatic's low-code integration designer helps you design reusable, configurable integrations and set up a custom config wizard for each one. With complete control over everything from layout and labels to defaults and hint text, you can define the perfect guided activation experience.

Screenshot of configuring an integration in an embedded marketplace.

Self-serve monitoring & alerting tools

Empower customers – and reduce your teams' integration support workload. Provide self-serve integration support tools like monitoring and alerting directly within your product.

Customers can select any integration they use and update config options, view logs, set up alerts, and troubleshoot issues.

Easy & seamless embedding

Embed the integration marketplace in your app with a few lines of code. Customize colors and design elements to match your product. White labeling and SSO create a seamless experience for your customers.

Or, for ultimate flexibility, design your own UX using our fully-exposed API.

Screen shot showing code snippet to embed an integration marketplace in a software application.
Screen shot showing the embedded designer at the page where one can select a template to move ahead.

Take customer self-service to the next level

The marketplace is great for productizing your integrations. But what about integration requests that don’t benefit your customer base as a whole?

Empower your customers to handle their bespoke integration needs using our embedded integration designer. Customers can build their own integrations to the other apps they use from directly within your product.