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The Integration Problem and How Prismatic Helps

The Integration Problem and How Prismatic Helps

I recently wrote up an overview of the key things we believe at Prismatic – the things that have led to Prismatic being so unique in the world of integration platforms. Unsurprisingly, our laser focus on helping B2B software companies has dramatically shaped the platform and the way we see the integration world.

Hopefully it's a great read if you're looking for an overview of why integrations are such a huge problem for B2B software companies today and how the Prismatic platform can help.

I hope you'll check it out! Here's the link: Why Prismatic?

About Prismatic

Prismatic is the integration platform for B2B software companies. It's the quickest way to build integrations to the other apps your customers use and to add a native integration marketplace to your product. A complete embedded iPaaS solution that empowers your whole organization, Prismatic encompasses an intuitive integration designer, embedded integration marketplace, integration deployment and support, and a purpose-built cloud infrastructure. Prismatic was built in a way developers love and provides the tools to make it perfectly fit the way you build software.

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