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Adobe I/O Events Component

Adobe I/O Events notifies you when changes occur. Use the Adobe I/O Events component to easily integrate events into your applications using Webhooks.

Component key: adobe-io-events


Adobe I/O Events trigger when changes to content and data on Adobe's Experience Platform occur; or when predefined rules or thresholds have been met. Use the Adobe I/O Events Component to build reactive, near real-time event-driven applications with Adobe I/O Events.


Adobe I/O Connection

To establish an OAuth connection for your Adobe integration, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Adobe Developer Console projects page by navigating to

  2. Create a new project by clicking the appropriate option.

  3. Click on "Add to project" to start configuring your project.

  4. Add the "I/O Management API" to your project. This API enables access to Adobe I/O services.

  5. Select "OAuth Server-to-Server authentication" as your preferred authentication method.

  6. Generate an access token from the connected credentials section. This step will also provide you with the Client ID required for your integration.

  7. In the Project overview view, you can download the project configuration JSON file. This file contains various values such as Organization ID, Project ID, and Workspace ID, which are essential for using the actions within your integration.

With these steps, you'll have set up an OAuth connection and obtained the necessary credentials for your Adobe I/O Events Component.



Receive and validate webhook requests from Adobe I/O for webhooks you configure | key: adobeIoEventWebhook


Create Events Provider

Create an Adobe I/O Events Provider | key: createEventsProvider

Create Webhook/Journal Registration

Create a Webhook/Journal registration for given workspace | key: createWebhook

Delete Events Provider

Delete an Adobe I/O Events Provider by ID | key: deleteEventsProvider

Delete Instanced Webhooks

Delete all Adobe I/O Webhook Registrations entitled to the provided Workspace ID | key: deleteInstancedWebhooks

Delete Registration (Webhook/Journal)

Delete Registration by Registration ID (Webhook/Journal) | key: deleteRegistration

Get Events Provider

View Adobe I/O Events Provider by ID | key: getEventsProvider

List All Registrations

List all Adobe I/O Events Registrations entitled to the provided Workspace ID | key: listAllRegistrations

List Events Providers

List all Adobe I/O Events Providers entitled to the provided Organization ID | key: listEventsProviders

Raw Request

Send raw HTTP request to Adobe I/O Events | key: rawRequest

Update Events Provider

Update an Adobe I/O Events Provider | key: updateEventsProvider