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Google Analytics - UA Component

Manage Google Analytics

Component key: google-analytics


Google Analytics is Google's platform of analytics tooling. This component provides actions related to the Universal Analytics (UA) API.

On July 1st 2023, UA will stop processing analytics data in favor of Google Analytics 4. If you are building a new integration, please see the Google Analytics - GA4 component.


Google Analytics OAuth 2.0

The Google Analytics component authenticates requests through Google's OAuth 2.0 service.

To create a Google Analytics developer account and authenticate, follow their Configure OAuth Consent guide

Now, you will have to configure OAuth 2.0 settings in Prismatic. Create a new Google Analytics connection of type OAuth 2.0.

  • For Client ID and Client Secret enter the values that you got from the Google Cloud Platform auth settings.
  • For Scopes choose from the list found on Google's service scopes documentation

Data Sources

Account Names

A picklist of account names | key: accountNames | type: picklist

Custom Metrics

A picklist of Custom Metrics | key: getCustomMetric | type: picklist

Views (Profiles)

A picklist of views (profiles) | key: profiles | type: picklist

Web Property

A picklist of Web Properties | key: getWebProperty | type: picklist


Get Custom Dimension

Get a Custom Dimensions | key: getCustomDimension

Get Custom Metric

Get a Custom Metric | key: getCustomMetric

Get Profile

Get a Google Analytics Profile | key: getProfile

Get View Data

Get Analytics data for a View (profile) | key: getData

Get Web Property

Get Web Property | key: getWebProperty

Link a User by email to specified Account | key: addUser

List Accounts

Paginated listing of Accounts | key: listAccounts

List Custom Dimensions

List Custom Dimensions for the given Web Property | key: listCustomDimensions

List Custom Metrics

List Custom Metrics for the given Web Property | key: listCustomMetrics

List Profiles

List Profiles associated with the specified Account ID | key: listProfiles

List Web Properties

List Web Properties associated with the specified Account ID | key: listWebProperties

Raw Request

Send raw HTTP request to Google Analytics | key: rawRequest