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Google Sheets Component

Create, read, and modify Google Spreadsheets

Component key: google-sheets


Google Sheets is Google's spreadsheet service. This component allows you to create, read, and modify spreadsheets stored in a Google Drive Account.


Google Sheets OAuth 2.0

The Google Sheets component authenticates requests through Google's OAuth service. To create a Google Sheets developer account and authenticate using Google OAuth, follow directions here Now, you will have to configure OAuth 2.0 settings in Prismatic. Create a new Google Sheets connection.

  • For Client ID and Client Secret enter the values that you got from the Google Cloud Platform auth settings.
  • For Scopes choose from the list found on the Google docs


Add Worksheet

Add a new Worksheet to a Google Sheet Document | key: addSheet

Append Rows

Append new rows to a Worksheet | key: appendRows

Clear Worksheet

Clear all data in the a Worksheet | key: clearSheet

Create Spreadsheet

Create a new Google Sheet Document | key: createDocument

Get Rows

Get the cell values of rows in a Worksheet | key: getRows

Output Example Payload

"data": [
"Column 1": "a",
"Column 2": "b"
"Column 1": "c",
"Column 2": "d"

List Worksheets

List information about all Worksheets in a Google Sheet Document | key: listSheets

Raw Request

Send raw HTTP request to Google Sheets | key: rawRequest

Remove Worksheet

Remove a Worksheet from a Google Sheet Document | key: removeSheet

Set Header Row

Set the column headings in a Worksheet | key: setHeaderRow

Update Rows

Update call values of rows in a Worksheet | key: updateRows