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Liquid Template Component

Transform data using a provided Liquid Template

Component key: liquid-template


The LiquidJS Templating Engine is a simple, expressive and safe templating system. This component takes a template and data as inputs, and outputs a rendered document formatted by the template and populated with the data provided.

For example, suppose you have data that looks like this:

"completed_tasks": ["Groceries", "Laundry", "Exercise"],
"incomplete_tasks_count": 5

And suppose you have a template that looks like this:

{{ completed_tasks | size }} tasks were completed today, which include:
{%- for completed_task in completed_tasks -%}
- {{ completed_task }}
{%- endfor -%}

There are {{ incomplete_tasks_count }} yet to complete.

Passing in that data into that template, your result would read:

3 tasks were completed today, which include:
- Groceries
- Laundry
- Exercise

There are 5 yet to complete.


Render Template

Receives provided json data and transforms it into a new format using a Liquid Template | key: transform

Output Example Payload

"data": "3 tasks were completed today.\n There are 5 yet to complete."