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Square Component

Square offers a suite of commerce products for retail stores.

Component key: square


Square: is a comprehensive commerce solution that provides a wide array of services like payments, point-of-sale (POS) system, online store builder, and more. It's trusted by millions of businesses for enabling seamless transactions and providing powerful business tools.

Use the Square component to manage payments, items, orders, customer data, and more in your Square account.

A Note on Square Pagination

Square's API supports pagination. This means that the API will return up to a specific limit of items for any query. If additional results are available, the API response includes a cursor field that can be used to retrieve the next page of data.

"objects": [],
"cursor": "next_page_cursor"

The cursor can be used in a subsequent query to fetch additional results.

See Square's Docs( for information about Square's paginated API, and this quickstart for information on looping over a paginated API in Prismatic.


Square OAuth 2.0

Access Tokens are necessary for interacting with the Square API. Access tokens are unique to each application you create on Square.

To generate an Access Token, you should log in to Square and navigate to your application's page. Within the application settings, you can find your access tokens.

Square provides two types of access tokens:

Application Token: This token is used to send requests and perform other application-related actions in Square.

Personal Access Token: This token is used to perform account-level actions, such as creating and managing applications.

For your integration, you will need both the Application Token and the Personal Access Token.

For more information about access tokens, refer to the Square Docs.(



Receive and validate webhook requests from Square for webhooks you configure. | key: squareWebhookTrigger

Data Sources

Select Bank Accounts

List and select from all of the bank accounts linked to a Square account. | key: selectBankAccounts | type: picklist

Select Catalog

List and select from all of the catalog objects of the specified types. | key: selectCatalog | type: picklist

Select Customers

List and select from all customer profiles associated with a Square account. | key: selectCustomers | type: picklist

Select Locations

List and select from all of the seller's locations. | key: selectLocations | type: picklist

Select Merchants

List and select from all of the seller's merchants. | key: selectMerchants | type: picklist

Select Webhook Event Types

List all webhook event types that can be subscribed to. | key: selectWebhookEventTypes | type: picklist


Batch Change Inventory

Applies adjustments and counts to the provided item quantities. | key: batchChangeInventory

Batch Delete Catalog Objects

Deletes a set of CatalogItems based on the provided list of target IDs and returns a set of successfully deleted IDs in the response. | key: batchDeleteCatalogObjects

Batch Retrieve Catalog Objects

Returns a set of objects based on the provided ID. | key: batchRetrieveCatalogObjects

Batch Retrieve Inventory Counts

Returns current counts for the provided CatalogObjects at the requested Locations. | key: batchRetrieveInventoryCounts

Batch Retrieve Orders

Retrieves a set of orders by their IDs. | key: batchRetrieveOrders

Batch Upsert Catalog Objects

Creates or updates up to 10,000 target objects based on the provided list of objects. | key: batchUpsertCatalogObjects

Cancel Invoice

Cancel an invoice. | key: cancelInvoice

Cancel Payment

Cancels (voids) a payment. | key: cancelPayment

Clone Order

Creates a new order, in the DRAFT state, by duplicating an existing order. | key: cloneOrder

Complete Payment

Completes (captures) a payment. | key: completePayment

Create Customer

Create a new customer profile. | key: createCustomer

Create Order

Create a new order. | key: createOrder

Create Payment

Creates a payment using the provided source. | key: createPayment

Create Team Member

Create a new team member. | key: createTeamMember

Create Webhook Subscription

Creates a webhook subscription. | key: createWebhookSubscription

Delete Catalog Object

Deletes a single CatalogObject based on the provided ID and returns the set of successfully deleted IDs in the response. | key: deleteCatalogObject

Delete Customer

Delete a customer profile from a business. | key: deleteCustomer

Delete Instance Webhooks

Delete all webhooks that point to a flow in this instance | key: deleteInstanceWebhooks

Delete Invoice

Delete an invoice. | key: deleteInvoice

Delete Webhook Subscription

Deletes a webhook subscription. | key: deleteWebhookSubscription

Get Invoice

Retrieve an invoice by its ID. | key: getInvoice

Get Payment

Retrieves details for a specific payment. | key: getPayment

Get Payment Refund

Retrieves a specific refund using the refund_id. | key: getPaymentRefund

List Catalog

Returns a list of all CatalogObjects of the specified types in the catalog. | key: listCatalog

List Customers

List customer profiles associated with a Square account. | key: listCustomers

List Invoices

Returns a list of invoices for a given location. | key: listInvoices

List Locations

List all of the seller's locations, including those with an inactive status. | key: listLocations

List Payment Refunds

Retrieves a list of refunds for the account making the request. | key: listPaymentRefunds

List Payments

Retrieves a list of payments taken by the account making the request. | key: listPayments

List Webhook Subscriptions

Lists all webhook subscriptions owned by your application. | key: listWebhookSubscriptions

Publish Invoice

Publish an invoice. | key: publishInvoice

Raw Request

Send raw HTTP request to Square | key: rawRequest

Refund Payment

Refunds a payment. You can refund the entire payment amount or a portion of it. | key: refundPayment

Retrieve Catalog Object

Returns a single CatalogObject based on the provided ID. | key: retrieveCatalogObject

Retrieve Customer

Retrieve details for a single customer. | key: retrieveCustomer

Retrieve Location

Retrieves details of a specific location. | key: retrieveLocation

Retrieve Order

Retrieves an Order by its ID. | key: retrieveOrder

Retrieve Team Member

Retrieve a team member based on the provided ID. | key: retrieveTeamMember

Retrieve Webhook Subscription

Retrieves a webhook subscription identified by its ID. | key: retrieveWebhookSubscription

Search Catalog Items

Searches for catalog items or item variations by matching supported search attribute values, including custom attribute values, against one or more of the specified query filters. | key: searchCatalogItems

Search Catalog Objects

Searches for CatalogObject of any type by matching supported search attribute values, excluding custom attribute values on items or item variations, against one or more of the specified query filters. | key: searchCatalogObjects

Search Customers

Search customer profiles. | key: searchCustomers

Search Invoices

Searches for invoices from a location specified in the filter. | key: searchInvoices

Search Orders

Search all orders for one or more locations. | key: searchOrders

Search Team Members

Search for team members based on given filters. | key: searchTeamMembers

Update Customer

Update a customer profile. | key: updateCustomer

Update Invoice

Update an invoice. | key: updateInvoice

Update Location

Updates a location associated with a Square account. | key: updateLocation

Update Order

Updates an open order by adding, replacing, or deleting fields. | key: updateOrder

Update Payment

Updates a payment with the APPROVED status. | key: updatePayment

Update Team Member

Update a team member. | key: updateTeamMember

Update Webhook Subscription

Updates a webhook subscription. | key: updateWebhookSubscription

Upsert Catalog Object

Creates a new or updates the specified CatalogObject. | key: upsertCatalogObject