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Postmark Component

The Postmark component is used as a developer friendly email delivery service

Component key: postmark


Postmark is a fast and reliable transactional email service that's trusted by thousands of developers for sending emails on time and to the inbox.

Use the Postmark component to send emails, manage sender signatures, and analyze email delivery and engagement in your Postmark account.

A Note on Postmark Message Streams Pagination

Postmark's Message Streams API supports pagination. This means that the API will return up to 50 streams for any query. If additional results are available, the API response includes a Meta field that indicates the TotalCount and Offset.

"MessageStreams": [],
"TotalCount": 100,
"Offset": 0

The Offset can be used in a subsequent query to fetch additional results.

See Postmark's Docs for information about Postmark's paginated API, and this quickstart for information on looping over a paginated API in Prismatic.


Postmark Token Authentication

Access Tokens are necessary for interacting with the Postmark API. Access tokens are unique to each server you create in Postmark.

To generate an Access Token, you should log in to Postmark and navigate to your server page. Within the server settings, you can find your access tokens.

Postmark provides two types of access tokens:

  1. Server Token: This token is used to send emails and perform other server-related actions in Postmark.

  2. Account Token: This token is used to perform account-level actions, such as creating and managing servers.

For your integration, you will need both the Server Token and the Account Token.

For more information about access tokens, refer to the Postmark Docs.



Receive and validate webhook requests from Postmark for webhooks you configure. | key: postmarkWebhook


Create Server

Create a new server | key: createServer

Create Webhook

Create a new webhook | key: createWebhook

Delete Instanced Webhooks

Delete all webhooks that point to this instance | key: deleteInstancedWebhooks

Delete Server

Delete an existing server | key: deleteServer

Delete Webhook

Delete a specific webhook | key: deleteWebhook

Edit Server

Edit an existing server | key: editServers

Edit Server Using Server Token Account

Edit an existing server | key: editServer

Edit Webhook

Edit an existing webhook | key: editWebhook

Get Server

Get server information | key: getServer

Get Server

Get an existing server by ID | key: getServers

Get Webhook

Retrieve a specific webhook | key: getWebhook

List Servers

Get a list of all servers associated with the account | key: listServers

List Webhooks

List all webhooks for a server | key: listWebhooks

Raw Request

Send raw HTTP request to Postmark | key: rawRequest

Send Email

Send an email using Postmark | key: sendSingleEmail

Send Email Batch

Send a batch of emails using Postmark | key: sendBatchEmail

Send Email Batch With Template

Send a batch of emails using a Postmark template | key: sendBatchEmailWithTemplate

Send Email With Template

Send an email with a Postmark template | key: sendEmailWithTemplate