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Data Mapper Component

Map input values to output values using a specified mapping

Component key: data-mapper


The data mapper component allows you to apply a map to a value or list of values. This is handy if you have a list of items, and would like to categorize each item.

For example, if you have a list of input that reads:

["apple", "orange", "carrot"]

and a map that reads:

"apple": "fruit",
"blueberry": "fruit",
"carrot": "vegetable",
"green bean": "vegetable",
"orange": "fruit"

then a value list mapper action would output ["fruit", "fruit", "vegetable"].


Value List Mapper

Map list of inputs to list of outputs using a map object | key: valueListMapper

Output Example Payload

"data": [
"fruit, fruit, vegetable"

Value Mapper

Map an input to an output using a map object | key: valueMapper

Output Example Payload

"data": "fruit"