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Rippling Component

Rippling makes it easy to manage your company's Payroll, Benefits, HR, and IT—all in one, modern platform

Component key: rippling


Rippling makes it easy to manage your company's Payroll, Benefits, HR, and IT—all in one, modern platform.


OAuth 2.0

To use OAuth 2.0 with Rippling you will need to coordinate with them in accordance with their Partner Requirements.

Ensure to supply Prismatic's callback URL:

You will need to collect a valid Client ID, Client Secret, and Authorize URL from this process.

Once you have this information you can create a connection within Prismatic:

  • Enter the Client ID, Client Secret, and Authorize URL to the same named fields.
  • Add space delimited scopes to that field. Refer to Rippling's scopes documentation for details.

Save your integration and you should now be able to connect to Rippling.

Bearer API Key


Delete Groups Group Id

DELETE Group | key: deleteGroupsGroupId

Get Companies

GET Current Company | key: getCompanies

Get Company Activity

GET Company Activity | key: getCompanyActivity

Get Custom Fields

GET Custom Fields | key: getCustomFields

Get Departments

GET Departments | key: getDepartments

Get Employees

GET Employees | key: getEmployees

Get Employees Employee Id

GET Employee | key: getEmployeesEmployeeId

Get Employees Include Terminated

GET Employees (Including Terminated) | key: getEmployeesIncludeTerminated

Get Groups

GET Groups | key: getGroups

Get Leave Requests

GET Leave Requests | key: getLeaveRequests

Get Levels

GET Levels | key: getLevels

Get Me

GET Current User | key: getMe

Get Saml Idp Metadata

GET SAML Metadata | key: getSamlIdpMetadata

Get Teams

GET Teams | key: getTeams

Get Work Locations

GET Work Locations | key: getWorkLocations

Patch Groups Group Id

PATCH Group | key: patchGroupsGroupId

Post Ats Candidates Push Candidate

POST New Candidate | key: postAtsCandidatesPushCandidate

Post Groups

POST Groups | key: postGroups

Post Mark App Installed

Mark App Installed | key: postMarkAppInstalled

Process Leave Requests

POST Process Leave Request | key: processLeaveRequests

Put Groups Group Id

PUT Group | key: putGroupsGroupId

Raw Request

Send raw HTTP request to Rippling | key: rawRequest