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RequiredConfigVariable Object

Represents a Required Config Variable (with optional default value) associated with an Integration.

Return fields

allowRemove (Boolean!)

Specifies whether the signed-in User can remove the RequiredConfigVariable.

allowUpdate (Boolean!)

Specifies whether the signed-in User can update the RequiredConfigVariable.

codeLanguage (RequiredConfigVariableCodeLanguage)

The language to use in the code editor UI when the Required Config Var uses the 'code' dataType.

collectionType (RequiredConfigVariableCollectionType)

The type of collection, if the value is meant to represent a collection of values for this RequiredConfigVariable.

connection (Connection)

The Connection type used by this Required Config Variable.

connectionTemplate (ConnectionTemplate)

The Connection Template from which this config var was derived.

credentialTypes (RequiredConfigVariableCredentialTypeConnection!)

The Required Config Var for which the Authorization Method is a valid type of Credential.

dataSource (Action)

The Component Data Source used by this Required Config Variable.

dataType (RequiredConfigVariableDataType!)

The intended datatype of the Required Config Var, used to choose an appropriate UI.

defaultValue (String)

The default value for the Required Config Variable if none is specified on the Instance.

description (String)

Additional notes about the Required Config Var.

hasDivider (Boolean!)

This field has been deprecated.

header (String)

The header text that will appear in the UI above the Required Config Variable fields.

id (ID!)

The ID of the object

inputs (ExpressionConnection)

The collection of Expressions that serve as inputs to the RequiredConfigVariable.

integration (Integration!)
key (String!)

The Key for the Required Config Variable. Referred to as 'Name' in the UI.

meta (JSONString)

Contains arbitrary metadata about this Required Config Var.

onPremiseConnectionConfig (RequiredConfigVariableOnPremiseConnectionConfig!)

Specifies the configuration for this Required Config Variable with respect to using an On-Premise Resource connection.

orgOnly (Boolean)

Specifies whether the Required Config Variable is only viewable by Organization Users.

pickList ([String!])

The valid choices when the Required Config Var uses the 'picklist' dataType.

scheduleType (RequiredConfigVariableScheduleType)

The schedule type to show in the UI when the Required Config Var uses the 'schedule' dataType.

sortOrder (Int)

The UI location in which this Required Config Var will appear relative to the other Required Config Vars for the Integration.

stableId (UUID)

Represents identity across different Required Config Variable versions. Not intended to be used directly by end users, as the implementation may change at any time.

stableKey (String)

A user-provided value that represents identity across config var key renames.

timeZone (String)

An optional timezone property for when the Required Config Var uses the 'schedule' dataType.

userLevelConfigured (Boolean!)

Specifies whether this Required Config Variable uses values from User Level Configs.