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ActionDefinitionInput Input Object

Represents a collection of data that defines a Component Action.

Input fields

keyString!A string which uniquely identifies the Action in the context of the Component.
displayActionDisplayDefinition!Specifies how the Component Action is displayed.
inputs[InputFieldDefinition]!The InputFields supported by the Component Action.
authorizationAuthorizationDefinitionSpecifies how the Action handles Authorization.
terminateExecutionBooleanSpecifies whether the Action will terminate Instance execution.
breakLoopBooleanSpecifies whether an Action will break out of a loop.
allowsBranchingBooleanSpecifies whether the Action will allow Conditional Branching.
staticBranchNames[String]The static branch names associated with an Action.
dynamicBranchInputStringThe input associated with dynamic branching.
examplePayloadJSONStringAn example of the returned payload of an Action.