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TriggerDefinitionInput Input Object

Represents a collection of data that defines a Component Trigger.

Input fields

keyString!A string which uniquely identifies the Action in the context of the Component.
displayActionDisplayDefinition!Specifies how the Component Action is displayed.
inputs[InputFieldDefinition]!The InputFields supported by the Component Action.
authorizationAuthorizationDefinitionSpecifies how the Action handles Authorization.
terminateExecutionBooleanSpecifies whether the Action will terminate Instance execution.
breakLoopBooleanSpecifies whether an Action will break out of a loop.
allowsBranchingBooleanSpecifies whether the Action will allow Conditional Branching.
staticBranchNames[String]The static branch names associated with an Action.
dynamicBranchInputStringThe input associated with dynamic branching.
examplePayloadJSONStringAn example of the returned payload of an Action.
synchronousResponseSupportStringSpecifies support for synchronous responses to an Integration webhook request.
scheduleSupportStringSpecifies support for triggering an Integration on a recurring schedule.