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InputFieldDefinition Input Object

Represents an input field for a Component Action.

Input fields

keyString!A string which uniquely identifies the InputField in the context of the Action.
labelString!The name of the InputField.
keyLabelStringLabel used for the Keys of a 'keyvaluelist' collection.
typeString!Specifies the type of data the InputField handles.
collectionStringSpecifies the type of collection to use for storing input values, if applicable.
placeholderStringPlaceholder text that will appear in the InputField UI.
defaultJSONOrStringThe default value for the InputField.
commentsStringAdditional notes about the InputField.
exampleStringAn example valid input for this InputField.
requiredBooleanSpecifies whether the InputField is required by the Action.
model[InputFieldChoice]Dictates how possible choices are provided for this InputField.
languageStringLanguage to use for the Code Field.