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UserLevelConfigVariable Object

Associates specific values to the Dynamic Config to satisfy Required Config Variables of the related Instance.

Return fields

allowRemove (Boolean!)

Specifies whether the signed-in User can remove the UserLevelConfigVariable.

allowUpdate (Boolean!)

Specifies whether the signed-in User can update the UserLevelConfigVariable.

authorizeUrl (String)

The Authorize URL of this Config Variable if associated with an OAuth 2.0 Connection.

config (UserLevelConfig!)

The Dynamic Config with which the Config Variable is associated.

id (ID!)

The ID of the object

inputs (ExpressionConnection)

The collection of Expressions that serve as inputs to the UserLevelConfigVariable.

logs (LogConnection!)

The UserLevelConfigVariable which relates to the Log entry.

meta (JSONString)

Contains arbitrary metadata about this Config Var.

onPremiseResource (OnPremiseResource)

The On-Premise Resource that is associated with the Config Variable.

refreshAt (DateTime)

The timestamp at which the OAuth2 token will automatically be refreshed, if necessary. Only applies to OAuth2 methods where refresh is necessary.

requiredConfigVariable (RequiredConfigVariable!)

The Required Config Variable that is satisfied with the value of this Dynamic Config Variable.

scheduleType (UserLevelConfigVariableScheduleType)

The schedule type to show in the UI when the Config Var uses the 'schedule' dataType.

status (UserLevelConfigVariableStatus)

Status indicating if this Connection is working as expected or encountering issues.

timeZone (String)

An optional timezone property for when the Config Var uses the 'schedule' dataType.

value (String)

The value for the Required Config Variable that becomes part of the Instance definition.