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Instance Object

Represents an instance of an Integration which has been deployed in the context of a Customer, to include Config Variable values, Credentials, and a specific version of an Integration.

Return fields#

id (ID!)#

The ID of the object.

labels ([String!])#

The labels that are associated with the object.

updatedAt (DateTime!)#

The timestamp at which the object was most recently updated.

name (String!)#

The name of the Instance.

customer (Customer!)#

The Customer for which the Instance is deployed.

description (String!)#

Additional notes about the Instance.

enabled (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the Instance is currently enabled and in an executable state.

lastDeployedAt (DateTime)#

The timestamp at which the Instance was most recently deployed.

deployedVersion (Int!)#

The specific version of the Instance that is deployed.

systemSuspended (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the Instance has been suspended by Prismatic.

inFailedState (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the latest execution of the Instance resulted in a failure.

needsDeploy (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether a deploy is needed to reflect the newest configuration for this Instance.

apiKey (String)#

An optional API Key that, when specified, will be required as a header value in all requests to trigger Instance execution.

testPayload (String)#

Data payload for testing this Instance.

testContentType (String)#

Content type of the payload for testing this Instance.

monitors (AlertMonitorConnection!)#

The Instance that is being monitored by the AlertMonitor.

configVariables (InstanceConfigVariableConnection!)#

The Instance with which the Config Variable is associated.

executionResults (InstanceExecutionResultConnection!)#

The Instance being executed.

logs (LogConnection!)#

The Instance which created the Log entry.

triggerUrl (String!)#

The URL of the endpoint that triggers execution of the Instance.

lastExecutedAt (DateTime)#

The timestamp at which the Instance last executed.

persistedStateUrl (String!)#

The presigned URL to download the current Instance persisted state.

allowDeploy (Boolean)#

Specifies whether the signed-in User can deploy the Instance.

integration (Integration!)#

The Integration that has been deployed for the Instance.

allowUpdate (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the signed-in User can update the Instance.

allowRemove (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the signed-in User can remove the Instance.

starred (Boolean)#

Indicates whether the record is starred by the signed-in User.