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ExternalLogStream Object

Represents a configuration that specifies the details of an external system that is used to ingest log messages generated by Instance Executions.

Return fields#

allowRemove (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the signed-in User can remove the ExternalLogStream.

allowUpdate (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the signed-in User can update the ExternalLogStream.

headers (JSONString)#

A JSON string of key/value pairs that will be sent as headers in the ExternalLogStream request.

id (ID!)#

The ID of the object

name (String!)#

Name of the ExternalLogStream.

payloadTemplate (String!)#

The template that is hydrated and then used as the body of the ExternalLogStream request.

severityLevels ([LogSeverity]!)#

The Log severity levels for which Logs should be sent to the ExternalLogStream.

url (String!)#

The URL of the ExternalLogStream.