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InputField Object

Represents an input field for a Component Action. Defines the basic properties that must be satisfied by the input data.

Return fields#

id (ID!)#

The ID of the object.

action (Action!)#

The Action to which this InputField is associated.

key (String!)#

A string which uniquely identifies the InputField in the context of the Action.

label (String!)#

The name of the InputField.

type (InputFieldType!)#

Specifies the type of data the InputField handles.

collection (InputFieldCollection)#

Specifies the type of collection to use for storing input values, if applicable.

placeholder (String)#

Placeholder text that will appear in the InputField UI.

default (String)#

The default value for the InputField.

comments (String)#

Additional notes about the InputField.

example (String)#

Example valid input for the InputField.

required (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the InputField is required by the Action.

model (SafeJSONString)#

Dictates how possible choices are provided for this InputField.

language (String)#

Language to use for the Code Field.

allowUpdate (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the signed-in User can update the InputField.

allowRemove (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the signed-in User can remove the InputField.