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IntegrationFlow Object

Relates an Integration to a hierarchical structure of Component Actions that define the behavior of one of potentially several workflows that comprise the Integration.

Return fields

allowRemove (Boolean!)

Specifies whether the signed-in User can remove the IntegrationFlow.

allowUpdate (Boolean!)

Specifies whether the signed-in User can update the IntegrationFlow.

description (String)

Additional notes about the IntegrationFlow.

endpointSecurityType (IntegrationFlowEndpointSecurityType!)

Specifies the security configuration to use for the endpoint of this IntegrationFlow.

id (ID!)

The ID of the object

isSynchronous (Boolean!)

Specifies whether responses to Executions of this IntegrationFlow are synchronous. Responses are asynchronous by default.

lastExecutedAt (DateTime)

The timestamp at which this IntegrationFlow was most recently executed as part of an Instance.

name (String!)

The displayed name of the IntegrationFlow.

organizationApiKeys ([String])

The API key(s) to use for the endpoint of this IntegrationFlow when the endpoint security type is 'organization'.

retryDelayMinutes (Int!)

Specifies the delay in minutes between retry attempts of Executions of this IntegrationFlow.

retryMaxAttempts (Int!)

Specifies the maximum number of retry attempts that will be performed for Executions of this IntegrationFlow.

retryUniqueRequestIdField (Expression)

Specifies a reference to the data to use as a Unique Request ID for retry request cancellation.

retryUsesExponentialBackoff (Boolean!)

Specifies whether to use exponential backoff in scheduling retries of Executions of this IntegrationFlow.

sortOrder (Int!)

The order in which the IntegrationFlow will appear in the UI.

stableId (UUID)

Represents identity across different integration versions. Not intended to be used directly by end users, as the implementation may change at any time.

stableKey (String)

A user-provided value that represents identity across multiple integration versions and across flow renames.

testContentType (String)

Content type of the payload for testing this Integration Flow.

testExecutionResults (InstanceExecutionResultConnection!)

The Execution Results that were generated during testing.

testHeaders (JSONString)

Headers of the request for testing this Integration Flow.

testPayload (String)

Data payload for testing this Integration Flow.

testUrl (String!)

The URL of the endpoint that triggers execution of the Integration Flow in the Test Runner.

trigger (IntegrationAction!)

The IntegrationAction that is the trigger for the Integration Flow.