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Credential Object

Represents a collection of fields and an AuthorizationMethod that together specify a complete set of data necessary for interaction with an external resource by a Component Action as part of an Integration.

Return fields#

id (ID!)#

The ID of the object.

org (Organization)#

The Organization the Credential belongs to, if any. If NULL then Customer will be specified.

customer (Customer)#

The Customer the Credential belongs to, if any. If NULL then Organization will be specified.

label (String!)#

The name of the Credential.

authorizationMethod (AuthorizationMethod!)#

The specific AuthorizationMethod used by the Credential.

readyForUse (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the Credential is ready for use by an Instance.

refreshAt (DateTime)#

The timestamp at which the OAuth2 token will automatically be refreshed, if necessary. Only applies to OAuth2 methods where refresh is necessary.

authorizationError (String!)#

Contains any error message generated by the external authorizing system that occurred during authorization.

token (SafeJSONString)#

Contains OAuth2 token data if applicable.

context (SafeJSONString)#

Contains OAuth2 context data if applicable.

values ([CredentialFieldValue])#

A list of CredentialFieldValues that contain the values for the CredentialFields.

redirectUri (String)#

Contains the OAuth2 Redirect URI if applicable.

allowUpdate (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the signed-in User can update the Credential.

allowRemove (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the signed-in User can remove the Credential.