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Integration Object

Represents the collection of information that defines an integration, to include the sequence of Component Actions, or steps, inputs, the trigger, and other associated data.

Return fields#

id (ID!)#

The ID of the object.

createdAt (DateTime!)#

The timestamp at which the object was created.

avatarUrl (String)#

The URL for the avatar image.

labels ([String!])#

The labels that are associated with the object.

versionSequenceId (UUID)#

Identifier for this version sequence.

versionIsLatest (Boolean!)#

Marked if this record is the latest version of this sequence.

versionNumber (Int!)#

Sequential number identifying this version.

versionCreatedBy (User)#

User that created this version.

versionCreatedAt (DateTime)#

Timestamp of the creation of this version.

versionComment (String)#

Additional comments about this version.

versionIsAvailable (Boolean!)#

Indicates if the version is available for use.

name (String!)#

The name of the Integration.

description (String!)#

Additional notes about the Integration.

parent (Integration)#

Parent Integration this Integration was forked from, if any

stepPlan (SafeJSONString)#

The hierarchical structure that defines the execution plan for the steps in an Integration.

isSynchronous (Boolean)#

Specifies whether responses to Executions of this Integration are synchronous. Responses are asynchronous by default.

retryMaxAttempts (Int)#

Specifies the maximum number of retry attempts that will be performed for Executions of this Integration.

retryDelayMinutes (Int)#

Specifies the delay in minutes between retry attempts of Executions of this Integration.

retryUsesExponentialBackoff (Boolean)#

Specifies whether to use exponential backoff to in scheduling retries of Executions of this Integration.

retryUniqueRequestIdField (Expression)#

Specifies a reference to the data to use as a Unique Request ID for retry request cancelation.

hasUnpublishedChanges (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the Integration definition has changes that have not yet been published.

category (String)#

Specifies the category of the Integration.

instances (InstanceConnection!)#

The Integration that has been deployed for the Instance.

actions (IntegrationActionConnection!)#

The Integration to which the IntegrationAction is associated via the IntegrationFlow.

attachments ([Attachment])#

A JSON list of objects where each object has a key for name and URL that together describe the Attachment.

trigger (IntegrationAction!)#

The IntegrationAction that is the trigger for the Integration.

versions (VersionConnection!)#

The Versions of the Integration that are available.

versionSequence (IntegrationConnection!)#

Sequence of versions of this Integration

testUrl (String!)#

The URL of the endpoint that triggers execution of the Integration Test Runner.

testConfigVariables (InstanceConfigVariableConnection!)#

Config Variables that are used for testing during Integration design.

testPayload (String)#

Data payload for testing this Integration.

testExecutionResults (InstanceExecutionResultConnection!)#

The Execution Results that were generated during testing.

lastExecutedAt (DateTime)#

The timestamp at which the Integration was most recently executed as part of an Instance.

allowPublish (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the signed-in User can publish the Integration.

allowFork (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the signed-in User can fork the Integration.

definition (String)#

The YAML that is the declarative definition for the Integration. Suitable for using to re-import the Integration.

testContentType (String)#

Content type of the payload for testing this Integration

storeConfiguration (IntegrationStoreConfiguration!)#

Specifies whether an Integration will be available in the Integration Store and if the Integration is deployable by a Customer User.

allowUpdate (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the signed-in User can update the Integration.

allowRemove (Boolean!)#

Specifies whether the signed-in User can remove the Integration.

starred (Boolean)#

Indicates whether the record is starred by the signed-in User.