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IntegrationAction Object

Represents an association of a Component Action to an Integration.

Return fields

action (Action!)

The specific Component Action that is being associated to the IntegrationFlow.

allowRemove (Boolean!)

Specifies whether the signed-in User can remove the IntegrationAction.

allowUpdate (Boolean!)

Specifies whether the signed-in User can update the IntegrationAction.

description (String!)

A brief description of the IntegrationAction.

errorHandlerType (IntegrationActionErrorHandlerType)

The type of error handling to use when failures occur for this IntegrationAction.

id (ID!)

The ID of the object

inputs (ExpressionConnection!)

The collection of Expressions that serve as inputs to the IntegrationAction.

integration (Integration!)

The Integration to which the IntegrationAction is associated via the IntegrationFlow.

name (String!)

The displayed name of the IntegrationAction.

retryDelaySeconds (Int)

Specifies the delay in seconds between retry attempts for failures of this IntegrationAction.

retryIgnoreFinalError (Boolean)

Specifies whether to fail the Execution when the final retry attempt fails for this IntegrationAction, or whether to ignore and continue.

retryMaxAttempts (Int)

Specifies the maximum number of retry attempts that will be performed for failures of this IntegrationAction.

retryUsesExponentialBackoff (Boolean)

Specifies whether to use exponential backoff in scheduling retries for failures of this IntegrationAction.

stableKey (String)

A user-provided value that represents identity across multiple integration versions and across step renames.