Represents a Webhook that is used for the purposes of alert notification.

Return fields

id (ID!)

The ID of the object.

name (String!)

The name of the AlertWebhook.

url (String!)

The URL of the AlertWebhook.

payloadTemplate (String!)

The template that is hydrated and then used as the body of the AlertWebhook request.

groups (AlertGroupConnection!)

The AlertWebhooks in the AlertGroup

monitors (AlertMonitorConnection!)

The AlertWebhooks to call when the AlertMonitor is triggered.

headers (String)

A JSON string of key/value pair that will be sent as headers in the Webhook request.

allowUpdate (Boolean!)

Specifies whether the signed-in User can update the AlertWebhook.

allowRemove (Boolean!)

Specifies whether the signed-in User can remove the AlertWebhook.

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