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components Query

Returns a Relay Connection to a collection of Component objects.

Access is permitted when any of the following condition(s) are met: 1. Always allowed.

Input fields#

allVersionsBooleanReturn all versions instead of only the latest
hasTriggersBooleanReturn only Components that have Actions which are Triggers
hasDataSourcesOfTypeStringReturn only Components that have Data Sources of the specified type.
beforeStringSpecifies a cursor for use in combination with last to implement backward pagination.
afterStringSpecifies a cursor for use in combination with first to implement forward pagination.
firstIntA non-negative integer that specifies to return at most first edges after the after cursor.
lastIntA non-negative integer that specifies to return at most last edges before the before cursor.
orderByComponentOrderDEPRECATED. Prefer using sort_by instead as it allows ordering by many fields.
sortBy[ComponentOrder]Allows specifying many field and direction pairs to sort results by.
label_IcontainsStringFilter for objects where label contains the specified value (case insensitive).
description_IcontainsStringFilter for objects where description contains the specified value (case insensitive).
keyStringFilter for objects where key matches the specified value.
key_In[String]Filter for objects where key is contained in the list of specified values.
categoryStringFilter for objects where category matches the specified value.
searchTerms_IcontainsStringFilter for objects where searchTerms contains the specified value (case insensitive).
searchTerms_FulltextStringFilter for objects where searchTerms.fulltext matches the specified value.
publicBooleanFilter for objects where public matches the specified value.
versionSequenceIdUUIDFilter for objects where versionSequenceId matches the specified value.
versionNumberIntFilter for objects where versionNumber matches the specified value.
versionIsAvailableBooleanFilter for objects where versionIsAvailable matches the specified value.
labels_IcontainsStringFilter for objects where labels contains the specified value (case insensitive).

Return fields (ComponentConnection!)#

edges ([ComponentEdge]!)#

List of edges containing the nodes in this connection.

nodes ([Component]!)#

List of nodes in this connection.

pageInfo (PageInfo!)#

Pagination data for this connection.

totalCount (Int!)#

Total count of nodes available.