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objectPermissionGrants Query

Returns a Relay Connection to a collection of ObjectPermissionGrant objects.

Access is permitted when any of the following condition(s) are met: 1. Always allowed.

Input fields

beforeStringSpecifies a cursor for use in combination with last to implement backward pagination.
afterStringSpecifies a cursor for use in combination with first to implement forward pagination.
firstIntA non-negative integer that specifies to return at most first edges after the after cursor.
lastIntA non-negative integer that specifies to return at most last edges before the before cursor.
userIDFilter for objects where user matches the specified ID.
objUUIDFilter for objects where obj matches the specified value.
permissionIDFilter for objects where permission matches the specified ID.
grantedByRoleIDFilter for objects where grantedByRole matches the specified ID.
orderByObjectPermissionGrantOrderDEPRECATED. Prefer using sort_by instead as it allows ordering by many fields.
sortBy[ObjectPermissionGrantOrder]Allows specifying many field and direction pairs to sort results by.

Return fields (ObjectPermissionGrantConnection!)

edges ([ObjectPermissionGrantEdge]!)

List of edges containing the nodes in this connection.

nodes ([ObjectPermissionGrant]!)

List of nodes in this connection.

pageInfo (PageInfo!)

Pagination data for this connection.

totalCount (Int!)

Total count of nodes available.