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customerRoles Query

Returns a list of Customer Role objects.

Access is permitted when any of the following condition(s) are met: 1. The Role level is less than that of the signed-in User's Role.

Input fields


Return fields ([Role]!)

allowRemove (Boolean!)

Specifies whether the signed-in User can remove the Role.

allowUpdate (Boolean!)

Specifies whether the signed-in User can update the Role.

description (String!)

Description of the Role.

id (ID!)

The ID of the object

level (Int!)

An integer that specifies the level of privilege with respect to other Roles.

name (String!)

The name of the Role. Must be unique within the context of the AuthObjectType.

objType (AuthObjectType!)

The type of object that the Role is associated with.

permissions (PermissionConnection!)

List of Permissions that the Role provides.