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Defines attributes of a ConnectionInputField.





Optional clean#

clean? : InputCleanFunction‹NonNullable‹this["default"]››

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/Inputs.ts:200

Clean function

Optional collection#

collection? : InputFieldCollection

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/Inputs.ts:196

Collection type of the InputField

Optional comments#

comments? : undefined | string

Inherited from BaseInputField.comments

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/Inputs.ts:91

Additional text to give guidance to the user configuring the InputField.

Optional default#

default? : Connection

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/Inputs.ts:198

Default value for this field.

Optional example#

example? : undefined | string

Inherited from BaseInputField.example

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/Inputs.ts:93

Example valid input for this InputField.


label: object | string

Inherited from BaseInputField.label

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/Inputs.ts:87

Interface label of the InputField.

Optional placeholder#

placeholder? : undefined | string

Inherited from BaseInputField.placeholder

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/Inputs.ts:89

Text to show as the InputField placeholder.

Optional required#

required? : undefined | false | true

Inherited from BaseInputField.required

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/Inputs.ts:95

Indicate if this InputField is required.


type: "connection"

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/Inputs.ts:194

Data type the InputField will collect.