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ActionDefinition is the type of the object that is passed in to action function to define a component action.

Type parameters#

T: Inputs

AllowsBranching: boolean

ReturnData: PerformReturn‹AllowsBranching, unknown›


  • ActionDefinition




Optional allowsBranching#

allowsBranching? : AllowsBranching

Defined in types/ActionDefinition.ts:26

Determines whether an Action will allow Conditional Branching.


display: ActionDisplayDefinition

Defined in types/ActionDefinition.ts:18

Defines how the Action is displayed in the Prismatic interface.

Optional dynamicBranchInput#

dynamicBranchInput? : undefined | string

Defined in types/ActionDefinition.ts:30

The Input associated with Dynamic Branching.

Optional examplePayload#

examplePayload? : ReturnData

Defined in types/ActionDefinition.ts:32

An example of the payload outputted by an Action


inputs: T

Defined in types/ActionDefinition.ts:22

InputFields to present in the Prismatic interface for configuration of this Action.


perform: ActionPerformFunction‹T, AllowsBranching, ReturnData›

Defined in types/ActionDefinition.ts:20

Function to perform when this Action is invoked.

Optional staticBranchNames#

staticBranchNames? : string[]

Defined in types/ActionDefinition.ts:28

Static Branch names associated with an Action.

Optional terminateExecution#

terminateExecution? : undefined | false | true

Defined in types/ActionDefinition.ts:24

Optional attribute that specifies whether an Action will terminate execution.