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Used to represent a binary or serialized data branching return as content type must be specified

Type parameters#







branch: string

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/ActionPerformReturn.ts:27

Name of the Branch to take.

Optional contentType#

contentType? : undefined | string

Inherited from ActionPerformDataReturn.contentType

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/ActionPerformReturn.ts:6

The Content Type of the payload data

Optional crossFlowState#

crossFlowState? : Record‹string, unknown›

Inherited from ActionPerformDataReturn.crossFlowState

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/ActionPerformReturn.ts:12

An optional object, the keys and values of which will be persisted in the crossFlowState and available in any flow for subsequent actions and executions


data: ReturnData

Inherited from

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/ActionPerformReturn.ts:4

Data payload containing data of the specified contentType

Optional error#

error? : Record‹string, unknown›

Inherited from ActionPerformDataReturn.error

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/ActionPerformReturn.ts:18

A field populated by the Prismatic platform which may refer to an object that contains data about any error that resulted in failure.

Optional executionState#

executionState? : Record‹string, unknown›

Inherited from ActionPerformDataReturn.executionState

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/ActionPerformReturn.ts:14

An optional object, the keys and values of which will be persisted in the executionState and available for the duration of the execution

Optional failed#

failed? : undefined | false | true

Inherited from ActionPerformDataReturn.failed

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/ActionPerformReturn.ts:16

A field populated by the Prismatic platform which indicates whether the trigger failed with an error during execution.

Optional instanceState#

instanceState? : Record‹string, unknown›

Inherited from ActionPerformDataReturn.instanceState

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/ActionPerformReturn.ts:10

An optional object, the keys and values of which will be persisted in the flow-specific instanceState and available for subsequent actions and executions

Optional statusCode#

statusCode? : undefined | number

Inherited from ActionPerformDataReturn.statusCode

Defined in packages/spectral/src/types/ActionPerformReturn.ts:8

The HTTP Status code that will be used if this terminates a synchronous invocation