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Options for Deploying Instances

Once you've built and published an integration it's time to configure and deploy an instance of your integration to a customer. You can either deploy the instance yourself, or grant your customer access to deploy the instance themselves.

Option 1: Deploy an instance yourself

As you work with your first few customers and build out an MVP, it may be easiest to deploy instances yourself.


  • You can quickly iterate on your integration and fix any production issues that arise.
  • No additional development work is required to support self-deployment.


  • You'll need to manually deploy instances for each customer.
  • You'll possibly need to handle the customers' credentials for the third-party service as you configure the instance.

Option 2: Grant customers access to deploy instances through the Prismatic app

You can invite your customers to log in to Prismatic and deploy instances themselves. You can do this by publishing your integration to the integration marketplace and then invite the customer user to your tenant. The customer user will only be able to see instances that are deployed to them (and not to your other customers).


  • Your customer can configure deploy instances themselves.
  • You don't need to handle the customers' credentials for the third-party service.


  • Your customer will need an additional login to Prismatic.

Option 3: Embed the integration marketplace in your app

You can embed the integration marketplace in your app so that your customers can deploy instances without leaving your app.


  • Customers can deploy instances for themselves without leaving your app.
  • You can leverage your existing authentication system to authenticate customers.
  • You have some control over the fonts, colors and other styling of the marketplace, so you can make the embedded iframe match your app.


  • Some development work is required to embed the marketplace in your app (though, the Prismatic embedded SDK makes this easy!).

Option 4: Build your own UI for deploying instances

If you want to build a custom UI for deploying instances, you can use the Prismatic embedded SDK to make API requests to the Prismatic API on behalf of your customer user. You can query for integrations in the integration marketplace, components, etc., and can map those records to custom UI elements in your app.


  • You have full control over the UI and can build a custom UI that fits your app's look and feel.


  • This option requires the most development work.