Provide Better Support

Provide proactive support using a simple management environment and enable customer self-service.

Simple management environment

We provide a straightforward integration deployment and support environment for customer-facing teams. It includes everything you need to provide high-quality, proactive integration support.

Screenshot of an embedded integration deployment and support environment for customer-facing teams.
Screenshot of an overview of integration instances deployed to customers at a B2B software company.

Visibility like never before

See everything you need to know about your customers' integrations, all in one place:

  • What integrations do they have?
  • What versions are they on?
  • How are they configured?
  • What's their status?
  • When did they last run?
  • Have they triggered any alerts?

Easily make changes

When your customer needs a change to an integration, make it in minutes, not days.

Modify a configuration variable, update a customer's auth or webhook endpoint for a tech partner's app, or upgrade an integration to a newer version.

Testing is built into our embedded iPaaS so you can ensure everything's right before deploying changes.

product image
Screenshot of logging for customer integration instances with an embedded iPaaS.

Built-in logging

Prismatic's built-in logging gives you straightforward log and error messages for every step of every integration, every time it runs, for every customer.

Logs are accessible by your whole organization, making it easy for customer-facing teams to answer questions or jump in and troubleshoot when something goes wrong.

Get proactive with monitoring and alerting

Shift your integration support from reactive to proactive with our robust monitoring and alerting.

Configure text or email alerts to notify customers and customer-facing teams when an integration exceeds a specified log level, fails to complete, or doesn't run when expected. Or feed alerts into systems you already use, like PagerDuty or Slack.

Illustration of a white-labeled integration marketplace for customer self-service.

Enable customer self-service

Embed a white-labeled integration marketplace in your application to enable customer self-service.

Using our embedded integration platform, your customers can view and update their own integration configurations, check statuses, view logs, get alerts, and more. Customers stay in the loop, and you field fewer support calls.