Introducing Prismatic's On-Prem Agent

Introducing Prismatic's On-Prem Agent

I'm excited to announce an important Prismatic update: today we launched our on-prem agent for B2B SaaS integrations.

A key part of our commitment to being the most versatile embedded iPaaS is giving you the power to build any integration your customers need, no matter how complex or non-standard.

With this product launch, we're making it simple to securely integrate with resources that reside inside your customers' private networks! Our on-prem agent is the most direct way to include non-SaaS resources in your SaaS integrations.

Whether you have customers in data-sensitive industries or ones who prefer to host their data or apps locally, the on-prem agent allows them to integrate their private applications or data sources with your app using a secure, locally-established connection. Additionally, you can build custom components that use the on-prem agent, providing even greater flexibility for your integration team and customers.

Watch this video or read on for the details.

Connect to non-cloud resources

Here are the highlights:

  • The on-prem agent is a Docker image that is installed on the same network as the private resource.
  • Requests from integrations for the private resource are proxied through the on-prem agent.
  • Access is managed via a JWT (JSON web token).

Tips for using the on-prem agent

When might you need to use the on-prem agent?

  • To connect integrations with databases, file services, and mail services running on networks that are not connected to the internet.
  • These systems are located on your customers' private networks.
  • The on-prem agent may be installed on the same system as the data, or access the data via the private network.

Flexibility is essential for B2B SaaS integrations

Today's launch of our on-prem agent is another part of our commitment to providing the most versatile and dev-friendly embedded iPaaS on the market.

At Prismatic, we believe that any integration solution for B2B SaaS needs to be extremely versatile to keep up with the huge variety of integrations you build. And that means supporting everything from straightforward integrations with popular SaaS tools to complex integrations with your customers' on-prem resources.

Thank you and next steps

Thank you to those of you who have helped with ideas, feedback, and everything else that's contributed to today's launch of our on-prem agent. We'll continue to evolve the platform and ensure that it is second to none in versatility and dev-friendliness.

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About Prismatic

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