Embedded Integration Designer

Let your customers build custom integrations with our embedded iPaaS using an integration designer that's part of your product.

Low-code designer for your end users

Say yes to more integrations

In addition to providing your customers with a marketplace of out-of-the-box integrations, enable your customers to build their own integrations for scenarios that are uniquely theirs using the same integration designer your teams use.

Don't build one-offs

Keep your teams focused on the integrations with the broadest benefits to your customers. Save dev time by letting each customer do the work for the integrations that only benefit them.

Attract and retain larger customers

Ensure that you provide a complete integration solution for those sophisticated enterprise customers with extensive and highly-specific integration needs.

product image
product image

Pre-built and org-provided components

Customers can build their own integrations using pre-built connectors and components that are part of our embedded iPaaS and any ones your team creates.

As part of your product, you can provide your customers with an integration designer that lets them build integrations from your product to any one-off, in-house apps they may have.

Build from scratch or use a template

Productizing your integrations and making them available to all your customers via the marketplace is essential to creating a scalable approach to integrations. But not every integration should be productized – like those completely custom, one-off integrations your customers might need.

Instead, your customers can build custom integrations from scratch, such as a data export from your product to a customer’s in-house SQL database. Or they could start from a template, such as one that lets them extend your product’s basic Salesforce integration.

product image
product image

White-labeling and theming

As with our embedded marketplace, you can theme and white label the embedded designer to ensure that it appears as a native feature of your product.

Your product, which now includes both the embedded marketplace and the embedded designer, becomes an integration hub for your customers, helping to increase product stickiness and reduce customer churn.