More Powerful and Flexible Than Unified API Tools

Integrate with anything, fast, using Prismatic’s comprehensive toolset for B2B SaaS integrations.

Flexible & dev-friendly

Here's why teams choose Prismatic's embedded iPaaS over a unified API:

  • ✓ Build components to connect to any third-party app
  • ✓ Minimize the integration burden on engineering
  • ✓ Use a platform that never leaves devs cornered
  • ✓ Give customers a complete self-serve experience

Loved by product leaders and dev teams

See why Prismatic is rated 4.9/5 stars by our customers on G2!
Testimonial from G2 Review from Prismatic Enterprise Customer

Prismatic's integration platform has seriously upped our game from previous integration solutions. Prismatic has let us stop focusing on building systems to run integrations with our partners and focus on what's essential: the integration logic itself.

G2 Review from Prismatic Enterprise Customer

Software Engineer at B2B SaaS

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Build anything you need

Code custom components for any third-party app. (Literally: any.)

Integrating with a set list of SaaS apps for accounting, CRM, or HRIS via a unified API is great, until you have to integrate with an app that's not on the list. You need the flexibility to integrate with any app your customers use.

That's why Prismatic offers a wide range of pre-built API connectors and powerful custom component support. Connect to niche apps, handle industry-specific logic, whatever you and your customers need.

product image
product image

Reduce engineering burden

Empower non-devs with a realistic low-code approach.

The unified API approach relies heavily on developers. This doesn’t scale.

Prismatic provides an intuitive low-code designer, pre-built app connectors, and powerful logic components that allow non-devs to build integrations. Deliver integrations now instead of later and say goodbye to your integration backlog.

Customer self-service

Embed a complete integration UX with a few lines of code.

Make integrations a first-class part of your product. Prismatic makes it easy to provide a smooth in-app integration experience to your customers.

Prismatic gives you a complete self-serve UX: browse a marketplace, self-activate and configure integrations, self-support with logging and alerting tools. Custom theming makes it fit your product.

product image
product image

The platform devs prefer

Maximize developer flexibility & fit the way you build software.

It's hard getting devs on board with most integration tools – especially when unified APIs oversimplify schemas or limit access to needed data.

Prismatic provides a comprehensive toolset to build exactly the integrations you need. Devs can write code when needed, create scripts to manage customers and integrations, and stream logs to external monitoring services.

The Integration Platform for B2B Software Companies

Build integrations fast and provide a seamless in-app integration experience for your users. Prismatic is the only iPaaS with answers for the complicated world of B2B software.
Intuitive Integration Designer

Intuitive Integration Designer

Non-dev teams create reusable integrations in a low-code environment tailored for your product.

Pre-Built & Custom Components

Pre-Built & Custom Components

Use built-in API connectors or code your own custom components for any third-party system.

Embedded Integration Marketplace

Embedded Integration Marketplace

Deliver a seamless in-app customer experience for exploring, activating, and monitoring integrations.

Integration Deployment & Support

Integration Deployment & Support

Manage customer-specific configuration and provide proactive support with logging & alerting.

Purpose-Built Infrastructure

Purpose-Built Infrastructure

Your integrations run in a scalable, secure environment while you focus on your core product.

Built In A Way Devs Love

Built In A Way Devs Love

Give devs power and flexibility. Fit the platform to your product and the way you build software.