Reduce Problems in Production

Build on Prismatic's embedded integration platform to eliminate many of the pitfalls that cause issues and downtime.

Purpose-built platform prevents issues

Performance and scalability

Integrations are only as stable as the platform they run on. Prismatic's cloud-native, horizontally scalable environment ensures you won't run into performance or scaling issues.


Our embedded iPaaS was built from the ground up to properly handle the security concerns that come with connecting to numerous external systems in numerous ways.

Maintenance is handled

We handle maintenance for our embedded integration platform like security patches, upgrades, and backups, and keep pace with changing standards and technology.

Illustration showing a cloud-native, purpose-built embedded integration platform.
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Easier testing leads to better testing

Test as you build

A testing framework is built into our integration designer and our code-native integrations SDK you can test your integrations as you build them. Inspect logs and outputs for each step to ensure everything works as expected.

Test customer-specific configuration

Testing is part of the integration deployment environment, so you can test with a customer's exact configuration and auth before an integration goes live.

Expert handling of integration complexities


Authentication is a common source of integration issues. Prismatic provides expert out-of-the-box handling for auth flows, including OAuth 2.0.


Your product changes regularly, systems you integrate with change, and customers' needs change. Versioning throughout our embedded integration platform removes the complexity of deploying multiple versions of your integrations – and everything they depend on.

Screenshot of an integration instance execution and integration retry upon failure.

Built-in best practices for retry

Realities like flaky tech partner APIs can cause integration failures that interrupt your team and customers.

Prismatic's integration designer makes it easy to implement best practices for retrying integrations. Specify whether – and how – your integration should retry upon failure. Or, choose to manually retry when needed.

Shift from reactive to proactive

When something goes wrong with an integration in production, your customer shouldn't be the first to notice.

Configure Prismatic's alerting system to notify the right people when an integration fails or doesn't run when expected. Built-in logging makes it easy to dig in and troubleshoot.

Screenshot of a logging, monitoring and alerting system in an embedded iPaaS.