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Reduce Integration Effort

Reduce the time and cost of building, deploying, and supporting integrations, and regain engineering capacity to invest in your core product.

Build integrations faster

Prismatic's integration designer gives you a single workflow for creating any integration, from simple and standard to complex and bespoke. Write less code by assembling pre-built components to handle inputs, outputs, data transformations, field mapping, connecting to third-party apps, and more.

Drop in components containing your own code or build reusable custom components to design exactly the integrations your customers need.

    Minimize rework

  • Clarify needs

    Keep everyone on the same page - customers, vendors, and internal teams - with easy access to scope docs.

    Test sooner

    Test as you build. Perform test runs, inspect logs, and troubleshoot with third-party vendors.

    Demo sooner

    Demonstrate integrations for customers pre-deployment to confirm and refine expectations.

    Iterate quickly

    Easily edit individual components based on test and demo outcomes. Get it right before you deploy.

Save time on deployment and infrastructure

  • Reusable

    Manage customer-specific credentials and configuration variables so you can deploy instances of a single integration to multiple customers.

  • Easy deployment

    Use Prismatic's robust customer deployment management to quickly deploy integration instances to customers using the web app, CLI, or API.

  • No infrastructure

    No need to spend time standing up infrastructure. Your integrations run in Prismatic's purpose-built environment.

  • Easily manage versioning and upgrades

    Evolving industry requirements and third-party API changes introduce the challenges of versioning and upgrades. Prismatic's version handling lets you manage the process with far less hassle.

    Swap or update individual components to easily create new versions. Use Prismatic's API, CLI, or web app to manage multiple versions in the field, easily upgrade customers, and deprecate old versions.

    Reduce support burden

    Provide easier integration support using top-tier logging, monitoring, and alerting tools - without the effort of building them yourself.

    Monitor performance. Receive text and email alerts when an integration errors or goes longer than usual without triggering. Investigate logs and respond quickly.

    Share these tools with customers and support teams so they can self-help and resolve issues faster - and reduce support burden on engineering teams.