Onboard Customers Faster

Speed up your integration delivery for faster, more predictable new customer onboarding.

Reduce integration risk and delay

Standing up integrations can be a major source of risk and delay in new customer onboarding.

Whether you're building new integrations or deploying ones you've already built, Prismatic makes it faster and smoother so you can onboard customers quickly.

Illustration of onboarding customers faster with an embedded integration platform.
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Empower non-dev teams to build integrations

Skip the engineering backlog

Stop waiting on engineering capacity to build integrations. With Prismatic, non-devs can assemble integrations in an intuitive low-code designer.

Build using connectors

Ready-to-use connectors handle connecting to apps and services, logic, data transformations, field mapping, and more. Auth flows are built right in.

Tailored for your product

Your devs can tailor the low-code designer to your product and industry by building reusable custom connectors. Drop them into your integrations to build whatever your customers need.

Clarify expectations to minimize rework

Unclear integration requirements or mismatched expectations often lead to rework and onboarding delays.

Keep your internal teams, customers, and even third-party vendors on the same page by storing key integration documents like statements of work and tech specs right in Prismatic, where everyone can access them readily.

Screenshot of integration attachments in an embedded iPaaS platform for B2B software companies.

Test, demo, and iterate quickly


A built-in testing framework makes it easy to test integrations as you build them. Inspect built-in logs to ensure each step is working as expected.

Demo and share

Perform test runs for customers, share logs with vendors, and confirm requirements and expectations are being met - before you deploy.


React quickly to test outcomes and requirements changes. Easily update your integrations by swapping out or editing connectors.

Don't wait on core product releases

Integration logic resides in Prismatic, decoupled from your main code base, so integration delivery isn't bound to your release cycle.

Shorten onboarding timelines by deploying integrations when they're ready instead of waiting for your next core product release.

Illustration showing core product releases for B2B software companies.

Configure and deploy integrations easily

Integrations built in Prismatic are reusable and highly configurable. When a new customer needs an integration you already have, there's no rebuilding or dev involvement required.

Instead, customer-facing teams can easily deploy a customer-specific instance of the integration using Prismatic's simple management environment.

Or, allow customers to self-activate and configure integrations with just a few clicks in an embedded integration marketplace.